About us

I'm Medhansh Seth, a competitive speedcuber and a 10th-grade student, I have been competing in competitions for 8 years now and scored 100+ podiums, with love for cubing, I found it would be best if I could pass on my hobby to other students and see them sprout as new budding speedcubers and be better than anybody, I will be teaching my students all rubiks cubes and also resources such as Timers, Scramblers etc.
As for our AceCubing history, we have also been working with NGOs and going to underprivileged areas to teach young kids the Rubik's cubes. Seeing their faces light up when they first solve the first cube is so delightful. Its always an enriching experience spending time with the little ones and see them look up to me and my other cubing peers.
Cubing does not have an age, it can be easy for a 3rd grader and even for someone in their late 50s, it's all about brain power, and there are many benefits such as hand-eye coordination or even reducing screen time by introducing an interesting hobby.